Daughters of Tsiyon

Shalom Sisters of Israel

"The Scriptures is our Foundation of Truth and is our guideline to living."

Religion is filled with lies and deceit which kills the soul

We are not religous

We follow the Messiah in Spirit and in Truth, as it is written in the Bible


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Dietary Laws - Label Information (New!)

2014 Feast Days

Sisters please take the time to view this video listed below and pray to Yah for understanding. We have all been deceived. Here is new information brought forth concerning the calendar that Hebrews are to follow. Currently, Hebrews in America and in other places, have been deceived to follow the Gregorian calendar. But as truth continues to pour out, the Enoch Calendar is the calendar we should follow. Next year, our calendar dates will change to follow the dates according to the Enoch Calendar and based on this new truth. 



Shalom to the Family of Israel!
It is time to come together as a Nation 
to rise as a Nation in Spirit and in TRUTH@

What is an Israelite?

We are being called to Come Out of Her My People!!

Updated Research Information on
the Name of the Most High:

Whited Out Documentary (Must See! True History!)

Watch live streaming video from watchmanreports at livestream.com

10/19/13 Bible Study Session on Dietary Laws and Commandments 

Transhumanism, GMO Babies Cloned, The Luceferian Agenda

The Trial has begun.

"It's about the Condition of the Heart"!

The Spiritual Battle dwells within you

Look in the Mirror (The Bible) to Fall into His Will

Ask the Father Creator of All Living Things
To come into your life

To heal you from all of your pains
To guide you to the path of righteousness
To free your mind and soul to walk into the Truth
away from deep and dark spiritual bondages.


In order
To be sealed by God during this time frame, we must diligently return back and Guard His Commandments!!
He is the Judge of hearts. 

Proclaim the Good News!!
Our King Soon Returns!!
Follow His Feast Days/Appointed Times

Our Messiah has warned us of these things 
that must come to past before His second return to reign here on earth!

Look Up for Our Redemption Draws Near!
His Chariots comes to redeem the set apart ones

A word of advice to those who wish to know the truth
and get on the Right Side...

~Follow My Messiah~

His name is often know as "Jesus"
His Hebrew name is "Yahusha" (Yahshua).

Give your life over to Him.
Let Him lead your path
Surrender your life over to Him!

Yea, thou I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
I will fear no evil
Thy Rod and Thy Staff
They comfort Me... (Psalms 23)


We are all called to Righteousness, but
Do we know what righteousness truly is?



Revelation 16:4
"And the third messenger poured out his bowl on the rivers and fountains of water, and they became blood."


The Collapse - Movie Trailer
A Must See!

Transhumanism and The Return of the Nephilim

A Must Read!
It exposes the truth of our future with the
implementation of new technology of human enhancement.
Much of this genetic breeding and hybrid technology
created through stem cell research
(Cyborgs, nanotechnology, superhumanism being the wave of the future)
Ushering in this technology as the Mark of the Beast being the ultimate Goal!

Humans will be the extinct and outdated species on earth.
Does this sound familiar?
We will now be the Noah's of this generation.

With Nephilim Gods to Return to the earth and mingle with men
ushering in the New Age of World Domination
Justified under the terms of "Peace and Safety".

See All 8 Parts of this video series:

Transhumanism Video (Full Length)

See How Advanced Technology already is with

Will Scientists Soon Be Able to Read Our Minds?

Speaking The Truth on These Last Days is now accounted as evil. 

Is speaking the truth an OCCULT?
This is the persecution that true 
believers shall face. 
Is a Servant greater than his Master?
So we too shall see how
many of our loved ones will betray us
for His Names sake. 
(Luke 21:16)

Endure Until the End!!
Matt 10, Matt 24 and 2 Esdras 15:19

The Power and Authority
of the Most High
be with His Set Apart Ones
those who are following 
His Commands!!

Commandment keepers are Sealed and Protected by God!

Know this truth and spread the good news!

Trust in Him.


Prophetic Events of the Last Days


We are now in a timeline in which the division amongst friends, family members and foes is greater than ever. The Messiah speaks of this timeline.

As the Beast Rises
The Most High Seals the 144,000 

Stand Firm in Righteousness.


As spoken of in the Book of Revelation (12 and 13)

The Dragon will wage war against the set apart ones as
this society is being set up to enforce the masses into taking the Mark of the Beast!

Many great Miracles to be seen in these last days among
 the Set Apart Ones because of their obedience to guarding His Commandments.

Be Marked and Sealed by The Most High
(Ezekiel 20:20)

Be aware of the enemy's tactics
for the enemy knows
 that he who controls the Food source controls the masses.

Weather modification (HAARP) to destroy our crops
and it will put them in position to declaring martial law
after this major earthquake hits the United States!

Research 'New Madrid Fault Line'

Our food is being genetically modified - as it is designed to cause cancer

Our water is poisoned with fluoride to keep the masses asleep and poison us!

We are being enforced to use light bulbs that are extremely dangerous for our health
and will release dangerous carcinogenic chemicals  - mostly mercury!

In turn, people get sick, need insurance, are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs by many corrupt physicians in order to
continue to perpetuate this madness all in the interest of obtaining
the $$$Dollar $$$bill.

~For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil ~

The elite Powers that be continues in their efforts to poisoning our resources as part of the plan to depopulate the earth, destroy creation, and control mankind.
Positioning themselves as Gods of this earth.

We are in a police state!

Big Brother is watching you-
The revived Roman Empire

See video on when they sent 20,000 troops to the US.
America's Time (Mystery Babylon) has run out.
The economic collapse was all by design

When will the masses wake up to see?
God is Testing the hearts of man.
 In the end, the question should be "Where do we place our 
The Creator or in Man?
Have you built a true relationship with the Most High?
Following Christ Messiah is the only way 




New Police Precrime Technique - Light Based Intervention System

Our only protection and salvation in these last days is through total servitude to the Most High God -

Following the Commandments of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth YAHUAH (YHVH) through His Son Yahusha (AKA: Jesus, Yahshua)!!

---------Archived News Articles-----------

Prepare for an Economic Collapse!

Children sterilized without parental Consent

Mysterious illness kills seals and walruses

Peril Disease in Fish Population

Artificial Hamburger Meat grown in vat of bovine fetal cells

Test Tube Hamburgers

Arsenic found in baby forumula

USA Censorship on the rise - YouTube, etc.

Genetically Modified Mosquitos to be released in Florida

Research finds that 'Fasting' is healthy for the Brain

Japan's Controlling Free Speech Technology called "SpeechJammer"

Coriander Oil is a Cure against Food Poisoning and Infections

Found that Cholesterol Drugs causes Memory Loss


Are we ready to come out of Babylon (America) spiritually?

Can you step away from this gentile mindset?
Everything we have been taught to do in this society to survive
is being taken away to further hold us in bondage to this New World Order system!!

Satan has but a little time left and now it is time for him to move forward with his agenda.

This agenda forces the masses into serving him through technology, man's system  - Taking on the mark of the enemy

We must endure in the commandments of God in the end to show our pledge and loyalty to The Most High Creator of all living things

The Sabbath day is a sign between us and Him (Ezekiel 20:20)

Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see are being called into this truth.

Only those truth seekers are being awakened and made aware - so we can prepare!!

The truth shall set you free!

Now we must be ready to endure whatever must come our way,
even if that means death!
True believers will not fear death for they will be caught up first
and then those who are living in the name of our Messiah will be caught up to be with them
(1 Thess 4:14-15) 

We must have full trust and faith that we shall rise again in the blood covering of Messiah.

There will be a remnant who will be protected in the wilderness,
Then there will be those who will face persecution

Either way,

Be strong

The enemy cannot have our souls!

To receive our salvation, in spirit, truth and firm belief - in obeying The Most High's commandments 
we must endure until the end!
(Matt 24:13)

Rise Israel,
"We Gon Get the Kingdom!"
It's our turn to show true peace and love
As our Master calls for us to exemplify

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